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Forum Title Update
Amazon UTG Concealed Belt Holster (Black) $7.9510/24 16:50
Amazon Tactical Cross Draw Shoulder Holster--BLACK $8.5010/24 16:50
Amazon UTG Elite Tactical Right Handed Leg Holster 10/24 16:50
Amazon UTG Deluxe Commando Belt Holster $7.1610/24 16:50
Brownells.com Black Kydex material Outside the waistband Right hand carry Straight vertical carry - not adjustable for cant Designed with split Kydex belt loops for belts up to 1 1/2" Holds butt of gun ... $69.99 10/24 16:50
Brownells.com This leather and thermoplastic hybrid is made to be worn inside the waistband. It features a soft leather back piece that conforms to the wearer's shape. The clips are the same as the ones you ... $59.99 10/24 16:50
Brownells.com Designed to be a tuck-able inside the waistband holster, The Betty has many other applications. The combination of a super strong clip and a perfectly light retention on the gun allow this holster ... $49.99 10/24 16:50
Brownells.com The Flashbang is the original holster in the Pin-Up Collection. It sits horizontally tucked underneath the bra band and the gun is drawn by pulling straight down on the grip. The ultimate in ... $49.99 10/24 16:50
Brownells.com Kydex Black For a right-or left-handed operator Inside the waistband Specifically designed to retain the concealment advantages of appendix carry as well as the speed of draw offered by its ... $95.00 10/24 16:50