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Forum Title Update
Amazon Flip Up Front and Rear Back up Iron Sight $13.8103/27 13:50
Amazon MAGPUL Gen 2 Front Back Up Sight MBUS 03/27 13:50
Amazon SNIPER Tactical Smart Polymer Picatinny/weaver Front And Rear Combo Set Flip Up Backup AR15 AR-15 M16 M4 M-4 Flattop A1 A2 Post Back Up Sight $19.5303/27 13:50
Amazon MaTech Mil-Spec Back-up Iron Sight (B.U.I.S) $60.0003/27 13:50
Brownells.com Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight $1,063.00 03/27 13:50
Brownells.com LWRCI's new Skirmish Sights incorporate a host of practical features in an innovative new design. All the sharp edges on these ultra-low profile sights have been rounded to prevent snags and cuts to ... $188.99 03/27 13:50